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Gourmet Sea Salt - Fine Crystals - 624g
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Seller type: INDIVIDUAL
Uniform Blending Additive-free Sourced in California IT IS FINE SALT CRYSTALS

Sea salt is a rare salt. It's very hygienic for the Body. It's non iodine. You can mineralise your water with it. It's good for high blood pressure, also good for diabetics patients. It's very safe for cooking at home.
Please read the benefits of sea salt on the internet to make you more informed.
Diamond Crystal sea salt comes from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and is produced through years of evaporation. The process for harvesting sea salt today is really the same process that has been used for centuries. Diamond Crystal® Sea Salt is harvested only when it is ready.
It’s a rarified combination that makes our Diamond Crystal® Fine Sea Salt your gourmet salt choice. Diamond Crystal® Fine Sea Salt brings out the fresh flavor of your foods. It is great for recipes needing a fine salt crystal size for uniform blending.
• Uniform Blending
• Additive-free
• Sourced in California
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22 oz. (1LB 6 OZ) 624g Round Can

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