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Johnsons baby powder 623g
Seller type: CORPORATE

    • ur baby powder keeps skin comfortable, dry & feeling soft. With a clean, classic scent, this baby powder formula glides over your baby’s skin and leaves it feeling delicately soft and dry while providing soothing comfort.

      • Clean, classic scent.
      • Dermatologist-tested.
      • Hypoallergenic; formulated to be gentle, never harsh.
      • Clinically Proven Mildness formula, is designed for baby’s delicate skin.

      Available in: 1.5 Oz (42mL); 4 Oz (113mL); 9 Oz (255ml); 15 Oz (425mL); 22 Oz (623ml)

  • How to Use
    • Shake baby powder directly into your hand, away from the face, before smoothing onto skin. Perfect for use after a warm bath and diaper change to help skin feel soft, fresh and comfortable. Close container tightly after each use, and store in a cool, dry place.

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