Naotory-M588N GPS Car Tracker
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Naotory-M588N GPRS/GSM Model GPS intelligent terminal (Mobile user terminals) Built-industrial level GPRS/GSM communication module and the newest High-sensitivity GPS receiver module positioning,adopt GPRS and SMS Dual-mode communication, terminal run stable and reliable. It comes with free Web, Android App, IOS App tracking software. No monthly/Annual fees. Warranty 2 years

● Functions
1. Built-in antenna, small size and easy for installation
2. Real-time track by web system
3. SMS configuration and communication
5. Able to re-upload the location data in the condition that the GSM signal is weak
6. Able to get location by LBS
7. Record mileage information
8. History playback
9.  Power-off alarm,
10.  Over-speed alarm,
11.  Idling alarm
12.  Parking alarm
13.  Moving alarm
14.  Acceleration alarm,
15.  Geo-fence alarm,
16.  Fatigue driving alarm

● Parameters

Hardware parameter

working voltage


Working current


GSM module

GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

Communication protocol


GPS module

Ublox chipest

GPS sensitivity


GPS frequency

L1, 1575.42 MHz

C/A coding

1.023 MHz chip rate


20 channels for tracking

Position accuracy

10 meter, 2D RMS

Speed  accuracy

0.1 meter/second

Time accuracy

GPS synchronization

Default data



Average 0.1 second

Hot start

Average 1 second

Warm start

Average 38 second

Cold start

Average 42 second

Height limit

18,000 meter (60,000 feet) max

Speed limit

515 kilometer/second (1000 knots)max

Acceleration limit

Less than 4g

Expansion peripheral



Work temperature

-20°~70° C

Storage temperature

-30°~85° C


5% ~95%  non-condensing

Terminal size

10.1×5×2.4 cm

Inside battery

Continuing working not less than 4 hours

LED light

module status


              Web Monitoring                             Mobile Monitoring       
UserName: demo1234 UserName: demo1234
Password: 123456 Password: 123456 

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