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Know Your Civil Rights Against Others (2017 Edition)
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This book is one in the series under the Public Enlightenment Campaign Series (PECS) established to educate the public on their basic civil rights. There are everyday infringements of our civil rights by neighbors, associates and strangers which many of us take for granted, basically out of ignorance. But some of us are aware of our rights but don’t know how to enforce them. Let me inform you that you have civil rights which you can enforce yourself because it is not in all cases that the police must be involved. Of course, I know many of us hate having anything to do with the police. This book will therefore enlighten you on your rights in cases of trespass to your person or your property, negligence, nuisance, breach of agreement, defamation of character and lots more. After reading this book, you can be sure you will become more enlightened and knowledgeable on your rights. IT IS RECOMMENDED FOR ALL!

(Please note that the print edition of this book is out of stock presently. Only the soft copy/eBook version is available for now. When you pay, the soft copy/eBook will be sent to your email to download and read at your convenience).

Table Of Contents:

Preface  ……………………  7

Introduction  ……………………  9


1.  Trespass To Your Person  10

a. Assault  10

b. Battery, Causing Grievous/Permanent Injuries  12

c. Torture  12

d. False Imprisonment   13

e. Rape  15

f. Forced Labour/Slavery/Servitude  17

g. Injuries Resulting From Vehicle Accident  18

h. Unlawful Termination Of Life- Murder, Manslaughter, Motor Traffic Accidents.    19

i. Malicious Prosecution  20

2.  Trespass To Your Property  22

a. Trespass To Properties Generally  22

b. Trespass To Land  23

c. Conversion/Stealing  25

d. Detinue  27

e. Money Owed  28

f. Motor Vehicle Accident  31

g. Remedies For Trespass To Property  32

3.  Defamation Of Character  34

a. Slander  34

b. Libel  36

c. Defenses  38

d. Remedies For Defamation    39

4.  Negligence  41

a. Duty Of Care  41

b. Standard Of Care  42

c. Breach Of Duty Of Care  43

d. Res ipsa loquitor  43

e. The Egg-Shell Skull Rule  44

f. Instances Of Negligence  45

g. Defenses To Negligence  47

h. Remedies For Negligence  49

5.  Nuisance:  50

a. Public Nuisance  50

b. Private Nuisance  51

c. Use Of Generators  53

d. Night Vigils In Residential Apartments  54

e. Remedies Available For Nuisance  54

6.  Strict Liability  56

a. Liability For Damage By Cattles  57

b. Liability For Damage By Dangerous Animals  57

c. Liability For Damage By Animals That Are Not Dangerous

By Nature  58

d. Liability For Damage By Non-Living Things  58

e. Liability For Damage By Waste In Septic Tanks  58

f. Liability For Places Like Science Laboratory, Research Centers, etc  58

g. Defenses To Strict Liability  58

  7.  Vicarious Liability Of Master For Servant  60

a. Who is A servant?  60

b. Liability Must Be In The Course Of Employment  62

c. What If The Servant Has Been Sacked?  63

d. No Vicarious Liability In Crime  65

e. Defenses To Vicarious Liability  65

8.  Breach Of Agreement  66

a. Breach Of Contracts Generally  67

b. Breach Of Agreements On Land  68

c. Breach Of Agreement To Marry    69

d. Breach Of Warranty  71

e. Breach Of Fiduciary Duty  73

f. General Proof Of Breach Of Agreement  75

g. Remedies For Breach Of Agreements Generally  76

h. Mitigation Of Damages  78

i. Mediation, Arbitration And Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)  79

9.  Statute Of Limitations    80

a. Legal effect Of Limitation  80

b. When Does Time Begin To Run  80

c. Type of Legal Actions Recognized  81

d. Laches And Acquiescence  81

e. Pre-Action Notice  82

Post Script: Survival Of Actions    84

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