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Breaking The Strongholds of Delay
Sold By: Madiba Mall
Seller type: CORPORATE
SOFT COVER, GLOSS LAMINATION, EMBOSSMENT. DIMENSION: 21cm Tall, 14cm Wide, PAGES: 340 Pages, ISBN: 978-027-617-3.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, it is a delight. Many people’s heart has been made sick due to delayed desires and unrealized expectations.

Ø Why don’t I get what I want when I want them?

Ø Why are God’s promises to me being delayed for so long?

Ø Why do I pray, fast and trust God and still don’t get results?

These are some of the question in the hearts of many. In this best-selling book, the author answers this and many more questions. This book reveals strongholds that causes delay. It also shows the reader how to overcome them. Delay is not denial, as you will realize in this masterpiece.

Even if you can’t trace God, trust Him. Even if you can’t track Him; trust him because while you’re wondering what God is doing, He is working behind the scenes. Get a copy of this book and break free from delay TODAY!

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