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2.4KVA / 24V Hybrid Inverter + 2 X 200AH Batteries + Solar Panel + Rack + Installation
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The 2.4KVA inverter, a 2400va output pure sine wave inverter, provides power backup to energise a range of domestic or office equipment. The 2400va inverter can take a number of your home appliances or office equipment, within the range of its capacity. It is good for: tube lights, fans, bulbs, TVs, laptops, desktop computer, printer, etc (see load estimate, below). The 1.4kva inverter is a 24V inverter unit which requires a minimum of two units of 12V battery. An ideal battery bank will be two units of 200Ah 12V deep cycle sealed maintenance-free batteries.
Estimated Load Capacity :  1 Computer /  2 T.V /  3 Fans /  4 Lighting Points /  1 VCD /  1 DSTV Decoder / 1 Sound System

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