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The book explores the intricate relationship that binds the concept of corruption on the one hand and economy on the other. It examines the overall negative implications of corruption, and its practices eventually have on any country's economy and economic well being, especially that of Nigeria. It attempts to clarify the lay man on what could be regarded as economy in the real sense of the word.

Author's Note

Whenever I write my books on the socio-economic and political challenges of Nigeria, people used to ask and keep asking me as to whether the political leaders and people up there are ever listening to what I am saying? I don not write for political leaders so to speak to listen and implement my ideas, thoughts and viewpoints. However, if they do then the better for all of us. But I do actually write to first of all express my psychic pains that inflict my veins and of course heart as a result of the ways and manners in which Nigeria's natural resources are being mismanaged based on official corruption by political and public officers in political power and offices at any particular point in time.

Secondly, I write to document my subjective views, opinions on the Nigerian polity and situation, at least to abreast youths and up coming generations of or on the historical and socio-economic as well as our political past. I tried to posit that the root causes of our socio-political and economic woes and challenges has its deep roof in spiritual lapses and not on the surface or mundane level of perspective.

Akpahwe Lucky

September, 2016

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