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In many African communities, the girl child does not have privilege, accessibility and right to own I ended property, due to the afore-mentioned factors. These two volumes as it were, exposes the pathological catches of an average Nigeria man and woman, who are subjected to all kinds of avoidable embarrassments, due to tenets of traditional. Both surfer treatment agonies, but it becomes more profound, pronounced and manifest on the woman gender, quest explicit in the plays. Akpahwe Lucky November, 2013


The first volume of this dramatic place was written and published in 2004. However, as time past by and went on, I got inspired to add the second volume. And that course is the man reason for the combination of the two volumes into a single series. In Africa generally and the with at large, female sex are not preferable to male children, especially when it has to do with the first born child in that particular family. People most than not prefer male children as the first offspring. And so, women who give birth to female children are emotionally shunned and low esteemed in value, respect and appreciate. 

Women generally suffer many emotional, psychological as physical as result of socio-cultural religious norms anchored on particular structure of society, in which the male dominates. And it is against this background that the female characters in this place are pitched, fighting against sexual marginalization, inferiority complex, subjugation and humiliation. The author tries to express his personal discontent and disenchantment over the way society treats the opposite sex, being the female gender. He tries to executively say that the female child could be of great sow economic as well as political significance and benefit to firmly, commonly,  nation, church and society at large. 

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