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Ohram Slim Diet Coffee is a weight loss product made of refined and purified extracts from natural herbs. With Ohram slim diet coffee you are expected to lose about 9-15kg of weight in a month without negative side effects or rebounds.

This product doesn’t just eliminate extra calories and unhealthy chemicals from our body; it also burns and dry dries fat, curbs appetite, increase metabolism, stops cravings, boost energy level, no rebounds , no fatigue, no harm, reduce appetite & weight loss, promotes healthy skin, energy booster and productivity including total wellness. 

SUITABLE POPULATION; For simple obesity , people who want to keep fit and lose weight.

Suitable Age; 16- 65 years of age

Precaution; Not for pregnant , menstruating and breast-feeding women, or people with gastrointestinal inflammation.

Product is for both male and female.

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