Bluetooth anti-lost device
Sold By: Oladecy store
Seller type: INDIVIDUAL
This Bluetooth anti-lost device is a Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology product that operates through the use of "iTracing" APP software that initiate mobile devices such as mobile phones for Bluetooth connectivity, to the user easy and probable lost items or valuables (e.g. keys, handbags, etc.), put together to prevent lost or theft. This device is also fantastic for remote control for your smart phone camera for self-portrait and voice recording. It can equally provide map positioning of objects and search, trace your cars in parking sites.

  • Features:
  • 1) Connect with mobile phone Bluetooth function, two-way search function, can connect 10 anti-lost device at the same time
  • 2) In the connected state, anti-lost device exceeds the set Bluetooth range, mobile phone and anti-lost Lost at the same time the alarm
  • 3) on the phone can check the map position when the lost locker is disconnected 
  • 4) provide a do-not-disturb function, you can set a period of silence to prevent work and other important time to disturb
  • 5) Anti-lost device to control the phone shooting function, remote self-timer.
  •  6) Through the anti-lost device to control the mobile phone recording function.

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