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Achieving The Phenomenal In Africa
Sold By: Rovingheights
Seller type: CORPORATE
"Princewill Omorogiuwa is a timely messenger to a new generation of Africans. His Argument in this work is profound in its simplicity, and refreshing in its clarity." - Bernard Avle, Radio/TV Host, Citi Media, Ghana In this erudite and immensely thought-provoking work, "Achieving The Phenomenal In Africa," the Author, Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa, assembles an invaluable distillation of substance that coheres into a revolutionary classic that would change the way you think, feel and act about the unpredictable, harsh terrains of Africa. Through real-life experiences and engaging writing, the author posits that Africa, a harshly competitive environment, is brimming with untapped potential, ripe with critical problems and opportunities, best solved and seized by people who think elevated, can handle complexity, adapt quickly and possess unique perspectives. This eloquent work gets to the heart of the deepest aspirations of the human heart, to be financially free and successful; showing you how to guarantee your own success in any endeavour. This book brims with brilliant practices for making the success game not only achievable but phenomenally achievable in Africa. "The author writes from a place of knowing, through hard-earned life experiences, keenly observed and documented. He says it as it is, making this book essential reading for all who would like to make their life goals a reality from a pragmatic and realistic perspective. It's rare to experience such great wisdom so eloquently shared in a simple manner that works." - Moses Kemibaro Award Winning TechBlogger, and Founder & CEO Dotsavvy, Kenya. "The clarity and simplicity is astonishing, and the message is sublime for Africa and Africans, especially at a time like this." - Lanre Philips, Elpee Consults, Abuja, Nigerian
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